Saturday, May 5, 2007

Accumulated non-books to ship by Parcel Post

The result of my wife's Grrl Gamer group and their dice-bag sewing parties:

30 bags of dice w/ a D20 std set within each bag (see above)
2 lb, 8 oz of assorted types & sizes of dice, batched in ziplock bags or in Altoids tins
50+ terrain pieces in shoebox
One plastic box assorted minis, individually wrapped in paper towels to minimize transit damage, w/ matching WOTC D&D character cards. (How many? Well, > 2 dozen.)
Another pack WOTC character cards.
Two sealed tubes of Pringles (mmm, snacks make the gamer)
450-card deck, Illuminati New World Order, the One With Everything set, w/ manual book
Net Book of Riddles.txt (loose leaf paper in a folder)
Lord of the Rings / Return of the King card set, in plastic box (Be the first in your tent to collect the Balrog!)
And, the aforementioned books (see previous post).

They will ship Parcel Post once batched into the optimum size-weight groups. (Anything over 34" long, 17" wide OR 17" deep is much more expensive, so multiple parcels are often more cost-effective).