Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Generous Gift from OSFCI

Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc., has granted us $300 for purchases and shipping of merchandise to Ziggurat Con. Excellent!

OSFCI operates Orycon, Oregon's long-running science fiction convention in November, and GameStorm, Oregon's premiere gaming convention, held every spring.

It was their generous donation which enabled us to buy and ship the large purchase of RPG books sent Tuesday.

However, Operation Dice Drop is still in the red. Ixias kindly donated $50, which helped with the $74 postage charges for the first five cartons. The $300 OSFCI donation was totally consumed by the unxepected bargain purchases, nearly paid for the freight (only $5 short), leaving nothing left over to cover the back charges for mailing the first batch. Not knocking OSFCI, or Ixias; their generosity has gotten us this far, but no farther.

Merchandise is accumulating at our Dice Depots, no funds are left to ship the loot, and we're $30 in the red.

Please consider a donation to Operation Dice Drop. A small amount allows us to ship some large happiness to GI Joes and Janes stuck in the sandbox, and helps them keep making their sanity rolls.

You can PayPal it to JOHN (at] 503BARTLEY [daht} COM and feel free to ask me any question about what we're doing and how we do it. We keep open books here, you've seen the receipts we posted here to show the mailing costs, and we also list what's gone already.