Friday, May 18, 2007

Yet Another Gift

O. D. D. thanks Antonia Cabal of Milwaukie for a $10 donation. That Grrl Gamer's gift will cover the remaining fraction of freight cost for parcels Six and Seven (the OSFCI purchase).

The Parcel Post shipment of Grrl Gamers' dice, card and board games will roll out this weekend. Then, a Monday night sweep of the three game stores generously serving as Dice Depots, followed by a hurried trip to the Main Post Office, will close out Operation Dice Drop.
Bring out your dice!
Bring out your dice!

I'll be checking with those three stores:
Rainy Day Games in Aloha
Empire Games in SE Portland and
Ancient Wonders in Tualatin
to get estimates of weight, so I can calculate freight and insurance costs for the Monday close-out shipments, and then will advise tomorrow how much I THINK we'll need to round out Operation Dice Drop for Ziggurat Con.

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