Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Last Load of Books

A gamer friend of ours, Amy Kennedy-Mehegan, runs open gaming on alternate Saturday nights in Westmoreland. She was also kind enough to tumble to a don't-miss bargain: ABC-Northwest, a major game distributor (with whom she is not associated), is shuttering their doors.

So, that distributor's Going Out Of Business Sale became a winfall for Operation Dice Drop. A carton of RPG books has been acquired (more about the benefactors who paid for that tomorrow) when Amy drove down to Salem to Loot The Bodies at the distributor.
Vampire: Storyteller Screen # 10757
Vampire: The Requiem Core Bk # 10741
Werewolf: Storyteller Screen # 10758
Werewolf: The Forsaken Core Bk # 10743
D&D DMG II # 10014
D&D Monster Manual II # 6829
D&D Monster Manual III # 9697
D&D Monster Manual IV # 11332
D&D Arms & Equipment Guide # 7988
D&D Complete Arcane # 9900
D&D Complete Divine # 8906
D&D Complete Mage # 11585
D&D Complete Psionic # 10687
D&D Defenders of the Faith # 6001
D&D Song and Silence # 6500
D&D Spell Compendium # 10316
D&D Sword & Fist # 5733

Dice OPQ 12mm 50D6 Asst.
which follow in a Parcel Post shipment.

Those books ship today, and that wraps up what we can do with Media Mail, the cheap way to ship to APO addresses.

That shipment exhausts all the donations we have on hand, yet there's still merchandise to ship (a list of THAT will follow later this week). We still need funds for shipping dice, card games, board games, and those few books which folks may bring in, in the last few days before our cutoff date of 21 May, the last day for Parcel Post shipments.

So, consider the virtue of small contributions which will make a big difference to games out in the Big Sandbox. If you can help, e-mail me at john (at] 503BARTLEY [daht) com which is the PayPal address for contibutions.