Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cartons Six and Seven on their way

Now, good gamers, let's change our plan.

Tuesday's RPG manuals are on their way, and that's great news for the gamers in The Sandbox.

That marks the end of what we can count on for Media Mail shipments. To get there on time, from now unti 21 May, shipments must now go Priority Mail. That last batch would have cost 3.27 times as much, $17.11 more per carton, if sent Priority Mail instead of Media Mail. (We know we can't afford to Express Mail anything.)

From now on, when you drop off gifts at Dice Depots for us to ship, please concentrate on dice, minis, and card-based games, which are much lighter than RPG books.

The one likely exception is the Dungeons & Dragons Players Kit 3.5th Edition which is pretty darned light, and contains everything needed to keep a MilGamer happy.