Monday, May 14, 2007

From a faraway land

Michael Mallon of Houston, TX found us through the D&D Archive and asked we take a look at it. He also sent a contribution of $100, which after PayPal fees, nets us $96.80. That erases our deficit from shipping parcels 1-7 and buying the merchandise for parcels 6-7. Kewl!

Parcel 8 will ship out courtesy that kind contribution as well. That has the dice bags, minis and card games from Grrrl Gamers, their dice and dice from the gaming distributor's going-out-of-business sale, We're holding off to package as much as we can in one carton, for a box of up to 34" long, up to 17" wide and up to 17" deep is the most cost-effective shipment, less spendy than two smaller boxes of the same total weight.

You can ask for a shipping kit of cartons and customs forms from the Postal Service; our was requested Tuesday and arrived Saturday (your mileage may vary). More tips on packaging are at the Postal Service web site.

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