Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Anonymous Benefactress

Benefactress No. 1, Ixias, has donated $50 American to help pay for shipment of dice and books to The Sandbox as a aprt of Operation Dice Drop. Thank you!

That will allow shipment of two (2) Media Mail book-only shipments of 20 lb each (which MUST ship by Wednesday 9 May, one week from today) and a mixed-bag of dice, cards, board games, figurines and remaining books (which MUST ship by Monday 21 May). Multiple shipments are better, for if parcels get larger than 34" long or 17" wide or deep, costs more than triple.

Early Shipments Are Like Gold.
Let me repeat that.
Early Shipments Are Like Gold.

Please, people, drop off your books at Rainy Day Games (more about that in my next post) or send them yourselves, to make that Wednesday 9 May deadline for the best possible Military Mail rate!